Structured Finance

Flexible options
to preserve equity.
Flexible options to preserve equity.

Avidbank’s Structured Finance division provides flexible, accounts receivable credit solutions designed without financial covenants for companies in industry verticals such as technology, life sciences, professional services, and consumer packaged goods. While many of our clients are venture-backed, we also have the ability to assist angel- and entrepreneur-backed companies. Our no financial covenant AR credit products can provide liquidity when a company is experiencing rapid growth, or is temporarily off plan. In either scenario, a reliable credit line is critical to the company’s success and our offerings are available to clients across the U.S.

Invoice Financing

Our entrepreneur-friendly invoice financing solution can be the right fit for companies that are growing quickly, tight on liquidity, and may have difficulty complying with restrictive financial covenants. The Avidbank invoice finance solution can accommodate concentration issues, as well as foreign and government AR. Our clients are often experiencing rapid growth and have need for an AR product that bridges working capital gaps.


The Avidbank Fusion AR blends traditional borrowing base AR and invoice finance solutions, while maintaining the flexibility of a no financial covenant structure. This financing option is well suited for companies who may have a changing liquidity situation and desire access to their credit line in all circumstances with a structure appropriate to their current needs.

Avidbank Resource Portal

Avidbank offers its portfolio companies access to exclusive discounts and other benefits from third-party vendors in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that provide valuable services to support company growth. Access the portal here.

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We also offer a variety of sophisticated Cash Management products.